Saturday, April 22, 2017


Yes its that time of the year again. The weather is so confusing I never know how to dress when I get up in the morning. Even watching the news and weather first thing leaves me puzzled because I can't always tell from the posted temperature just how comfortable I'll be. It was fairly warm the other morning but because it was raining I was still chilly when I failed to dress in enough layers. The house held on to that chill all morning and the sun never broke through to make it comfortable enough. With the heat turned off I'm at the mercy of the weather and my wardrobe is not helping.

For a few more weeks at least it will be a guessing game, trying to predict how warm or cold it will be throughout the day. Once the sun appears it warms up nicely, although a twenty degree shift from one day to another is not unheard of.  This is the way of our shoulder seasons, both spring and fall, moving from one wardrobe to another and not sure which direction to go. I always know in the winter I'm wearing a sweater. In the summer the linen is never wrong. But now, in April, anything goes.

Well I do love these two seasons of change so I don't mind it too much. I'm always ready with a light jacket or sweater to throw on if need be. But I do think it would be nice to have a simple method of knowing when I climb out of bed early in the morning exactly now to prepare for the day. These are days of wonder, never with exact answers, and so it will be. Just another imitation of my life right now in general. I may not know what tomorrow holds but I can find a way to simply enjoy today.

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