Friday, April 14, 2017


I'm always truly blessed by the comfort I find in routine. I'm a person who thrives on the known and the things I can count on. Nothing much throws me off as much as some trauma that changes everything and makes life confusing and unpredictable. So I find a lot of comfort in church.

There is much to be said about church in terms of its mission, its presence, its failures. But there is also much to be said in its favor. It provides us with a place to worship together, with like-minded people, in a community where there should be love and support and a whole lot of teaching and direction. It sometimes fails and it often falls short, but all in all, its a place I chose to go when life hits me hardest. Its the place of comfort and it feels like home.

Easter week is an especially wonderful time to spend at church. I find comfort in the ceremonies, in the routines, in the regular schedule of Holy Thursday followed by Good Friday followed by Easter Sunday. Its steady in its teaching, the same scriptures we read together every year and the familiar story we love. Church is my centering place.

Of course church would be meaningless without God, but He is always there when I look for him. It doesn't matter the denomination or the structure - He always meets me. And in fact I suppose I bring Him with me. Because I have him with me at home as well.

But there's just something special about a church. And this week I'm taking full advantage.  

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