Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cherry blossoms

One of my favorite trees is the cherry. Because no matter which one it is (and I have a couple different types within eyesight of my house) they are stunning at this time of the year. From my home office window I can see the weeping pink cherry in my yard, a white one across the green, 

and the kwansan cherry that my mother planted so many years ago. They're all gorgeous right now.

I will admit to a special fondness for the pink varieties, although all the flowering trees are beautiful. My crab apple  is beginning to show signs of life but its not out yet, and the apple trees are similarly just beginning to perk up. They also are a lovely display.

Spring is awash with beauty every year and my only regret is its so short-lived. One week and most trees have lost their flowers, the pink cherries turning the ground into a puddle of bright pink petals surrounding the base. I don't like the way they get dragged into the house on so many shoe souls, but I love the look of them from a distance. Its that pop of color in the waking world that really stirs my soul. Life is returning to the earth, and we all get a front row seat. It doesn't get any better than that.  

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