Saturday, April 15, 2017

Busy times

This has been a busy week for me - as it has been for everyone I suppose - but for me its been downright crazy. Every day this week I wrote out a schedule. Wednesday, for instance, looked like this:

     Walk 5:45am
     Grocery shop 7am
     Baby sit 7:30 - 11:15am
     Meeting in Southampton noon
     King Kullen - pork roast
     Make cake filling
     Make applesauce
     Start filling Easter eggs
     Art studio 5:30

Every day was like that, bouncing from one thing to another with little time in between for anything else. In fact I found the newspaper in the driveway when I finally got home Wednesday night at 8 and it had been run over by my car a few dozen times during the day. I don't remember if I got to read it or not - I think I went right to bed.

I addition to the preparations for Easter Sunday celebrations there was church to attend, because after all, if we lose sight of what it is we're preparing for we kind of lose the point now, don't we? So Thursday night and Friday night I attended services for Holy Week.

Easter and Christmas are both like this for me, but somehow Christmas seems to be more fun because simply there are more parties connected with it. That means I get to just go have fun some of the time and don't always need to do all the work myself. Plus, its stretched out for a whole month, not concentrated into one week like Easter is. So Christmas is a bit different in that respect. Easter is quick and a little crazy in its burst of energy, coinciding with the arrival of warm weather and the need to get outside and start working on other things.   

Well, the week is nearly over now and once the gang goes home tomorrow night it will be very, very quiet in my house, and I'll have nothing to worry about but the clean up. And I'll wish I was busier again. Life!

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