Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Paying bills has become more of a challenge now that I'm single. I know I'm not the first person to deal with this, and I am certainly not the last, but I'm still figuring all this single life out and paying the bills is only one of the many challenges.

I used to pay most of the bills so I'm not a complete neophyte on this area, but there have been some surprises. For instance, my husband used to pay certain bills and therefore when they began arriving I was shocked by them. I had no idea how much car insurance was, for instance! And then there is the issue of paying taxes, another thing I haven't done on my own for over forty years. That has been another learning curve for me and I'm dealing for the first time with estimated payments and other little details I was able to ignore for so long in my adult life. It must be nice to have a staff to handle such mundane things as this!

Bills in general are easy enough to pay as long as there's money in the bank to pay them with. But there are times now, just as there were in my earlier days, when there isn't quite enough to go around. So then its a balancing act trying to figure out what and how much to pay. I've been sending payments to certain people when I can and they've been graciously waiting complete payment, understanding that things like new hot water heaters and cesspool pumping are don't necessarily fit into a very tight budget. Thankfully its a small town and people are generous about such things.

But here's the thing about bill paying: it never ends! Its seems as though I just finish sending out a batch of payments and suddenly the new ones start pouring in. Those utilities want to be paid every month, can you imagine? And so do the credit card companies! Shocking!

I'm beginning to feel as though I have a good handle on things now, almost a year into my new single state. The first few months, I think, I was in shock really, and I
don't even have much memory of paying my bills then. But these past few are finally beginning to create a new reality for me and I'm feeling more independent and in control than I had in a very long time. Sometimes its nice to give control over to somebody else, but as far as the bills go, I need to know when they were paid and how much was paid and exactly what I was paying for. And I do. Now. Its a whole new world for me.

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