Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools

April 1st today and a new month begins. I've always been a fond of April and I think most people - at least those who live in colder climes - feel that way. Its the beginning of the slow re-awakening of the world outside our doors.

April showers are famous for bringing May flowers and that's fine too. I don't mind the rain when its not 35 degrees outside and a nice spring rain can be refreshing and renewing in a special way. I love the flowers the rain brings and its all part of the circle of life so as long as things are in balance (no heavy spring rains that cause the kind of flooding in my basement like we had eight or ten years ago now) I'm good to go. Because April is a great month and I won't let a little rain dampen my spirits!

So April is here and we're embarking on yet another season.  Just as it should be. Life goes on and the circle continues...

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