Monday, March 13, 2017


I may be taking another (unplanned this time) hiatus from my blogging this week. Not because I need a break, because I honestly need to write more than ever right now - but because I'm having computer problems.

I use my phone a lot these days to check mail and browse the internet, but there are some things that I really need my desktop computer for. Looking at accommodations at a hotel, for instance, or shopping at various clothing sites, need the full size of a desktop for good visuals. And writing, as in doing my blog or sending complicated emails, really requires a full-sized monitor. So my desktop is really my go-to computer for many things. Sometimes I see something I want to buy on my phone but then go into my home office to the desktop to complete the transaction. I don't know if the younger generation does everything on their phones, but its not for me.

Anyway, my desktop is giving me problems. Suddenly loading any program takes forever. I have closed everything, rebooted, done whatever I know to do to fix it, but I know its beyond my abilities. This morning its taken me a full thirty minutes to get to the place where I can do my blog, all this time loading. Something is certainly wrong.

All this brings up one of my problems these days and that is "help". There are some things I just can't do myself. After so many years of relying on someone else to "fix" certain things I'm a little lost when I face them now. I'm quite sure someone needs to run some "programs" to "clean-up" my computer (you see - I know the lingo!) but I haven't a clue how to do that. And my children, who are wonderful and do whatever they can for me, have their own busy lives and I get very tired of asking them for help. Which is why I've been sitting on this one a couple days now.

So - if my blog does not show up for any length of time in the near future please know I am fine. I'm not buried in the snow and I've not fallen down the stairs - I'm simply without the desktop computer than I need to function here. And know that I'm frustrated beyond belief, but I have no idea when I'll be back! And most likely I won't be putting an illustration on this one because pulling up anything else could take me another thirty minutes....

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