Thursday, March 30, 2017

The air

Spring is definitely in the air these days, from the bulbs popping up to the long sunlit hours, and I'm looking forward to April. Because April says "spring" to me much more than March does. Its unusual to get snow in April but not in March, so I tend to think of April as the month of Spring, despite the calendar.

April is the month of buds on trees and little girls in Easter bonnets. And April is the month we tolerate the showers for the promise of May flowers. April ushers in the season of hope and renewal and this year, more than any before it, I'm in need to that. My heart is longing for renewal and my soul is operating on hope. So Spring, in this year of 2017, is monumental for me.

I see good things ahead for me in April. I think its going to be a month of smiles and optimism and perhaps even some surprises. Good ones. I've had enough bad surprises and its time for some good ones.

April is coming quickly now. And I welcome it.

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