Thursday, March 2, 2017


It seems as though we've had a nice taste of spring recently here in East Hampton and I enjoyed it because the temperatures were perfect for me. I like the high 60s and even the very low 70s on the thermostat, but anything above that is not my thing. So for a couple weeks there we were able to forget about winter and think ahead to those golden days of April and May. And now we're back to winter again.

But it was a tease and that was great. Because now we are only a few weeks away from the actual thing and I'm looking forward to it. I have lots of plans over the next weeks and months and being busy is a key to my sense of contentment right now. As long as I'm busy I can't think about what's gone from my life and I can look forward to the future with optimism, which is nice. So this is going to be a good run coming up.

Spring may not be quite here yet, but we are poised for it and the world around us here on the East End seems to be as well. The early bulbs are beginning to poke through the dirt and I've heard birds early in the morning more than once recently. Yes, Spring is coming. And none too soon for me...

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