Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Speaking of spring...

Yesterday I was talking about the spring being right around the corner - which is it coming next week on the calendar - and when I was looking for illustrations I found this one which really touched me. Its so true that we only truly appreciate thing when they are taken away from us!

I still have an appreciation for life that post-dates my cancer scare. I see things with different eyes now, appreciating everything more, from the color of a new orchid blossom on my plant to the sound of children laughing. Each holds a magic that I do't overlook and each makes me smile in a way I didn't before. And thus it is with spring. We treasure our warm, colorful spring days because we've just emerged from a clod, bleak winter. Its one of the reasons I love the seasonal changes so much, because they put things in perspective as we move throughout the year.

Ans of course my own past nine months has brought so many things into focus for me. I know now how to treasure my family and friends in new way, and I'll never again be complacent about the wonderful things in life. Relationships have taken on new meaning, and many other things have changed, but mostly my own sense of self, of value, and of faith has been altered forever. I have emerged a new person with a new life view and new goals for my future, whatever that may be. I will never again put my own self-esteem in somebody else's hands and am grateful for the lesson.

Yes-life has changed. Fo
r the better I think.

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