Saturday, March 11, 2017

Post storm

We had a small snow storm yesterday. From what I hear it may pale in comparison to what's to come later in the week, but nevertheless it was a surprise following so many warm days that the crocuses are all in bloom.

It was a truly beautiful snow though. It was the heavy, wet kind of snow that is horrible to clear off the walkways, but beautiful to look at. Every tree, every bush, every outdoor surface was beautifully outlines with white, and some of the branches of trees were so heavy I was worried about them breaking. Fortunately the sun came out in the afternoon and took away most of that danger, and today everything is ice and crunchy out there. I took this photo as the storm was winding down. You can see the huge chunks of snow weighing down those branches! Today the branches are clear again and only the ground is covered in white.

I was careful to get my walkways cleared yesterday in anticipation of the colder temperatures today. I hate ice. I also made sure to let my downstairs bathroom faucet dribble out all night lest the pipes freeze, which they have done in the past more than once. Being alone here means any little thing like a frozen pipe is yet another new adventure for me - something my husband always took care of in the past but now falls to me to figure out. I think those are the most difficult things I deal with after all these years of not having to! Car maintenance, lawn detail, frozen pipes....none of which I'm terribly good at due to lack of experience.

Well today the sun is out and its a bright and beautiful day, albeit very cold. The faucet will continue to dribble, I'll stay safely inside the house (as soon as I collect my newspaper in a couple minutes) and I'll pretend ifs January in East Hampton. But surely March cannot be far behind, right?

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