Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Of all the things I have around my house, the photographs have to be my favorite.

One of my great regrets is that I don't have more wall space in my house. I have too many windows and doors and closets on my walls and space for hanging artwork or photographs is scarce. The result of that problem is that I have boxes of family photos, all framed and ready to hang, but shoved under furniture and in closets. At one time or another all of them were hung - some along the staircase or in the living room, some standing on tables or shelves, all of them treasured. But as the years go by things happen. Spaces get painted and the shelves are cleared. Things get put into boxes and never come out again. Or, as is most often the case, old is replaced with new and old is relegated to another place. If I had a nice family room in my basement, it would be lined with family photos dating from the 1800s and up until the present: children's school photos year after year, wedding photos from friends and family, graduation photos of the nieces and nephews I love. But...they're in boxes now for my children to discover some day and try to figure out. "Is that Great-grandmother Warren?" I can hear them saying. Or "Look at you - you were so little then!"

Perhaps it will be a fun exercise for them to go through the old photos. In addition to the framed portraits I have shelves of boxes filled with small snapshots of our lives, and the lives of my parents and grandparents. It would be nice to go through them all and label them, I know, but it will take the help of someone younger and more agile than I to take them down from the shelves and help me go through them.

Photos are a wonderful glimpse of our past and I love the memories they evoke. They aren't doing much goo in boxes I know, but short of buying a new house with lots more space to display the, that's where they're staying. 

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