Friday, March 24, 2017


My television in my bedroom bit the dust this week. I turned it on first thing in the morning as I always do, hoping to catch up on anything important that happened overnight and also glean some wisdom in terms of who to dress for the day depending on the temperature outside, and it made an unusual noise...and picture. In the old days I would have said to myself "It just blew a tube" but in today's world, post tubes and all other outdated technology, I knew better. It was gone.

Now this is not a great loss in terms of the television itself. a few years ago - maybe 5 or 6 now - our children gave us a replacement television for our living room. It wasn't necessary as far as I was concerned because the Sony worked just fine, but they thought we needed a flat screen, so they gave us one. I saw no reason to toss the old one out because it worked, so with great difficulty the hunking old television was moved to our bedroom where it's lived on top of a tall dresser ever since. It takes up a lot of room, but who cared? I didn't. Now, its no longer a viable appliance and its sitting there. Taking up room.

And it will continue to sit there for two reasons. First, there is no way I could ever move it because its too big for me to budge. Not to mention the fact that the way I would need to pull it down from the high shelf would mean I'd probably end up under it on the floor, undiscovered before my body had become food for any mice that lived in my walls. That's just a prospect too gruesome to ponder but I've watched enough CSI episodes on that old TV not to take any chances. 

Second, I doubt I can find a television for under $100 anymore and wouldn't spend more than that to replace it. Its been years since I've bought a television set but I can't imagine they make them that cheap. I certainly wouldn't buy a big one like I had there because its a pretty small room, but even so, there's no way I'm spending much to put a television there. Sometimes my parents' depression era mentality still comes through in their daughter and the idea of spending more than that on such an unnecessary luxury just doesn't sit right with me.

So, here I am with this huge, useless appliance taking up room in my bedroom. In my mind I'm already redecorating the space just in case its ever empty. But I honestly think someday it will go to the dump with much of my other belongings when I'm no longer around to care.  

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