Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Its really hard for me to believe that its March again. Its certainly been a long and painful year but right this moment I can't quite believe its March.

Because my birthday is in March, and because this year I turn a certain age (how did that happen?) my mailbox has been full of literature about Medicare recently. I'm not sure how the entire world knows how old I am, but it seems that way, and I'm getting rather tired of the brochures and letters reminding me of my impending old age. It would be nice to think its because someone out there actually cares, but I know its more about someone wanting to sell me something - some kind of extra medical coverage. Its all so confusing to me - part A, part B, etc - that all the paperwork in the world is not going to help me figure it out. I need a secretary to do that. But I don't have one. Heaven help me if I live to be eighty! It seems as though things are getting more and more complicated for me, not less like it should be.

I really didn't want to celebrate my birthday this year. Its painful for me to think about getting older now. I have wished more than once in the past eight months that I didn't live this long, always asking God to forgive me for the thought, but honestly it would have been easier. God in His wisdom chose not to do that so here I am coming up on another birthday. And trusting God to show me how to get through another year.

March is bringing me a lot of agita. A big birthday and a reminder that life is sometimes really hard. But....there is, hopefully, still time to soar!

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