Friday, March 17, 2017

March days

Its been very cold outside this week but the sun has been bright and the roads are clear and I was even able to get out and walk yesterday morning so I'm not complaining. All the sun means clear roads and sidewalks and ease getting around, so I'll take that.

The sun makes such a difference. Even on the coldest days as long as the sun is shining people seem to be upbeat and happy. Its those miserable gray winter that depress us! Bring us sunshine and we can cope with just about anything, right?

We're only days away from the official start of spring right now and as always in March, its a welcome addition. The crocuses began poking up through the ground weeks ago and will take no time at all to respond to warmer days as soon as they arrive, which should be very soon. These next few weeks are busy ones for me, which I welcome, and before I know it April will be with us. The days move quickly and life moves on. We may be cold now but in a few short months the air conditioners will be cranking and we'll be sitting at the pool. And that's the joy of the seasons.

Today is a good day. And so is tomorrow. Because life is what we make of it and I'm going to make it really, really good.

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