Thursday, March 16, 2017


I've decided that one of the most difficult things to deal with in our relationships is being ignored.

Remember the famous Michael Douglas movie "Fatal Attraction"? It scared the temptation out of most men I dare say. Well the one line I remember from that movie very clearly is when Glenn Close announced in anger "I will not be ignored!" She was right to be angry but she was also a psycho so there needs to be a little balance there! I totally get the sentiment though! Nothing is more insulting and demeaning than being ignored. Whether its in the classroom and affecting a child's self-esteem or as an adult trying to make a point, its not fun at all.

I was reminded of this truth again recently and felt the effects myself. As I child I often felt ignored by my father, and as an adult it brings up all those feelings of marginalization and pain. And I hate it.

Its a lesson for me. I have plenty of grandchildren. I need to always remember never to ignore them. They're too important for that and even though I may be busy, I need to be present for them. A very good reminder...

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