Friday, March 10, 2017

Full moon

Today is my son's 35th birthday and every time I see a full moon I remember the night he was born.

I woke about 3:30 in the morning. This was my third pregnancy so I knew it was time to head to the hospital. Because a few years earlier I had gone in search of a more modern delivery and hospital experience (when I had my second child), I was now with a doctor in Syosset and was traveling to the hospital there, a good distance from home. In those days it was worth the trip for such modern amenities as Lamaze trained nurses, birthing rooms, and open visiting hours for fathers, none of which were yet available in the local hospital. So, I wasn't going to try to sleep any longer - I got up without waking my husband and started to get dressed. Once I was ready I woke him so I could change the sheets on the bed, and while he was getting dressed I phoned my mother who was coming over to stay with my girls. 

We finally left the house at about 4:30. It was a very cold night - so cold that the handle on the passenger side door of our old yellow Buick station wagon was frozen and I had to hold the door closed until the heat thawed it out a few miles down the road. I think we were at Town Pond when I was finally able to slam it shut.

Mostly though, I remember the moon. It was a big, full moon, beautiful and bright on that cold winter night. It was floating just in front of us all the way up the Long Island Expressway to the exit that would take us to Syosset Hospital. I can still remember it in great detail, like every moment of each of those days in my life - the days I participated in miracles. And forever the full moon will be a reminder to me of that particular night and that particular miracle - arriving at my destination with only about an hour to spare before our son made his debut. Never before or since have I been filled with as much love as I was on the four days I gave birth. It was 7:04am March 10th in 1982. How many events can we remember in our lives right down to the exact moment? 

And then, there was that moon...Josh's moon. And Josh's mom will never see it again without thinking of him.

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