Sunday, March 26, 2017


A week ago was the anniversary of my major cancer surgery back in 2009. Its hard for me to believe that eight years have passed since that day, but at the same time it does seem like a distant memory.

If I've learned one thing in my long life its that the major things we deal with in our days on earth are but a blink in retrospect. Our most difficult days eventually fade into the background amidst the canvas of our life, a blot here or there, a mere mark on a larger piece. If we looked at that canvas we could point to various areas - over there is the dark spot where my mother died, or over there is when my husband had his heart attack and by-pass surgery - each being part of a larger whole but not overpowering the artwork. They seem to be more like accents and focal points and no more ruin the total picture than they disappear into it. They are part of our story and a piece of the whole. And at the end of the day they combine to create a beautiful collage of our lives.

The year 2009 was monumental for me then, but now I see it merely as a year of growth and spiritual nurturing. Because I came out of it a stronger person in my faith and in my body. And I'm trusting God to do the same with this past year some day. May it be a mere blot on my still emerging canvas - not ruining the artwork but adding to it and making it more beautiful when all is said and done.

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