Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I've always been the creative sort and very much regret my inability to make use of those talents. It wasn't for lack of trying - a poor excuse for a guidance counselor led me astray back in high school, and then life got in the way - but it was never meant to be I suppose. What fun it would have been to be an elementary school art teacher! I think I would have loved that.

My favorite parts of the school day, from the time I was in kindergarten until I was out of high school, were the times I had art or music. Gym I could do without, but the arts were my true love. I have enjoyed dabbling in them as an adult but have never been able to make a living doing the things I truly love. (I loved raising my four children, but kids do tend to grow up and move away and don't need you forever. Thus I have had some pretty good years left with no real focus I'm afraid!)

I think I would have made a great graphic artist if not a teacher. Or perhaps a theater set designer of costume designer. Those are things I love and I always enjoy those categories at the Oscar show as much as I do anything else. I love design. I can even see my self as an architect, but I love color so much I think that would have bored me after a fashion.

Well I've enjoyed being able to use my talents over the years making Halloween costumes and designing church bulletin inserts and newsletters, but somehow its never been quite enough. My recent foray into glass fusion has been incredibly fulfilling, but I only get to indulge a few hours a week. If I had my own studio I'd be in it every day.

At this point in my life its a fantasy. But I do my bet to encourage my children to pursue their own dreams and fill their own souls with the stuff of art and music. I hope they will - they seem to be doing that now (at least some of them are). And I hope for them money will never get in the way of making their souls sing. Its a wonderful feeling.  

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