Monday, March 27, 2017


I have company from Norway this week and I'm taking a small trip myself next week, so my posting may be erratic, I'm not sure. If I don't get a chance to blog no one should be alarmed - its simply an indication of my crazy schedule until April 6th when I'll be back into my regular routine again. But I shall try!

I can't remember if I've already spoken about my Norwegian sister, but she is visiting this week. She was an exchange student in our home when I was in high school, and we have kept in contact and visited each other numerous times over the past fifty years. I love Norway and love visiting that friendly, beautiful country, and I also love entertaining her and her family members here whenever she returns. So this will be a busy week and a half. I'm actually driving my two guests to Pennsylvania soon and we'll be visiting my daughter there for a few days. I'm looking forward to the break for myself as well as for them.

When visiting Norway they are the ultimate hosts, taking time off from work and driving their guests all over the country. They set a very high bar both in entertaining and accommodating. So I have a lot to live up to. This will be my first time ever doing it by myself so that's a new challenge as well. 

I hope I can show her some beautiful parts of this country because its hard to beat the vistas in hers. Some day maybe she and I will venture out to the grand canyon - its one of the places I've always wanted to see. She may just be the excuse I need to get out of East Hampton once in awhile now that she's retired from her teaching job and has the ability to travel. That would be a wonderful thing.

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