Sunday, March 12, 2017


Well its a beautiful sunny day today but its the calm before the storm. They're predicting  we'll be getting up to a foot of snow Monday through Tuesday and I'm not looking forward to that.

Tuesday is normally one of my best days as I volunteer at the hospital in the morning and it gets me out of my life for a few hours and thinking/helping other people, which is good medicine for me these days. I dread the idea of being stuck at home all day Tuesday, not to mention trying to keep the snow cleared off my deck so I can move once the storm is over. Ugh - a lonely day at home to come. They're using the term "blizzard" on the weather reports.!

I think today I'll work on a plan for Tuesday. Perhaps cleaning out my home office, or organizing my bedroom closets (no, I haven't finished that job yet! I completed all the cleaning out - but haven't yet gotten to the re-organizing. I have more closet space than I know what to do with and really want to fill it up with other things, but first I need to get my clothes in order! There'll be plenty of space left to use for other things eventually, but right now I jst need to get myself organized!) I completed a knitting project so I don't have that to do, and the Bible study I wanted to get started on has not arrived in the mail yet, so I need some focus for a long day stuck in the house.

I don't normally mind a good snow February. I'm over it now that we're a week away from Spring. I wish I had someone to share the time with because I can think of plenty of things I could do with company, but alone? Not so much. It makes me feel sorry for all the lonely elderly people out there who aren't as able as I am to get out and shovel, which at least gives me a goal to work on. At least I'm still physically able to do whatever I decide to do. And I have no problem driving in the snow once the storm is over.

Well the snow is coming one way or another. I'm hoping against hope that it changes course a bit and we only have a few inches to deal with. Now that I can handle!

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