Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Well the snowstorm is a bust, my computer is working better, and life goes on.

We have more rain than anything else right now, but it is icy out there. I went to get my morning paper and the deck was icy and it looked as though we've been getting an icy mix for some time. If anything the snow already here has melted off a bit with nothing left on my hedges at all. We dodged the bullet on that one but its not a nice day out there and still a good one for staying put, which I will do.

My computer is working up to speed again. I'd re-booted it a couple times but finally took a nice long time to turn it back on and that seemed to do the trick. Back up to speed and responding to everything I ask it to do. Lesson learned.

So today I still have a nice block of time to get something done. As soon as I get my breakfast down I'm heading upstairs to work on my bedroom closets. Its something needing to be done for a long time and will take more than today to accomplish, but starting would be a good idea!

I'm taking a snow day, even though there doesn't seem to be any of the white stuff falling at the moment.
No doubt it will be the last of the winter - after all from here on out it will be Spring so winter is leaving anyway. Onward and upward - today is an open book and I have things to write in it.

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