Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It was raining when I got up for my morning walk and the gym just didn't hold much appeal for me so I'm skipping my work-out today. That means I'll need to make it up tomorrow morning and hopefully the weather will be more conducive to a nice long walk then. But I'll be taking it alone as my walking partner is going away for a few days.

I'm not good at motivating myself. I need accountability. I'm not sure what that says about me as a person, but I've always been a person who does better with accountability. I guess I'm just lazy. It's easier to stay in bed than get up and out for a walk.

Even when it comes to keeping my house neat, doing things like taking my shoes upstairs with me at night instead of leaving them on the floor for the next morning, I seem to be better at it when there is someone else in the house. That may not seem like a big thing - I mean who cares if the bed is made every day or the shoes are put away every night? But there's something about living with order and avoiding the slow spiral into chaos that helps our minds to stay clutter-free. So even if I'm alone and not thinking about the effects of my laziness on someone else (I mean who wants to step around - or worse yet trip over - a pair of somebody else's shoes?) its important to keep my place in order. Being an ambulance volunteer has taken me into enough houses where hoaders live that I know I don't want to fall into that trap! So while making the bed every day may seem like a small thing, its the sum total of all those small things that helps make us human. And civilized. 

So here I am feeling guilty that I failed to go to the gym this morning and telling myself I must make up for that tomorrow by getting out on my own, friend or no friend, and taking a morning walk to get my work-out in.  Because I need to. Not only for my physical health, but my mental health as well...

Ah the duties of a well-ordered life...

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