Tuesday, February 14, 2017


We've had snow on the ground for days now and every time I drive down one of the lanes in the village I'm struck by how pretty it looks. There's something so clean and bright about the snow covering everything, and even though its fallen off the trees and they're winter-bare again, the side of the road is beautiful and every one's yards look pretty where the blanket still keeps the dirt and grass covered and the sun bounces around in every direction.

As I sit in my home office I look across the field to the cemetery and there's white everywhere. The tombstones stand out like soldiers against the backdrop of white and I can even see the individual pickets in the fence. Even the trees look nicer against the snow and I love that its managed to stay around a little longer than usual this time. The walkways are clear, the roads are fine, and its all good. 

The winter of 2017 will be a memory soon enough and we'll be marking headlong into spring in only a few short weeks. These are still not easy times for me and my heart is breaking more than its bursting with joy so I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. I know time is a great healer, but I also want to enjoy the beauty around me while I can. And that moment is now - never to return again. As I've learned all too well life is far too short. If only I had another 40 years left to re-do my mistakes! But alas, mine is reaching its end and nothing can change what's passed. The best I can do is savor the moments and enjoy every day, which is what I'm trying to do. I'm sorry the things I tried to do with my life turned out to be pearls before swine, but at the very least I can keep my head up and continue moving forward, enjoying moments of beauty and loving what I have. 

East Hampton is beautiful in the snow. And I'm loving it.    

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