Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Storm watch

So I guess we're going to get our winter storm tomorrow. I knew it was inevitable and I 'm happy I'm not traveling or have other big plans, but I wish it wasn't going to be quite as much as they're predicting.

Well we are more than halfway through winter and this is only the second significant snowfall so its to be expected. Hopefully, like the last one, this one will be over and melted before long. I don't mind as long as the temperatures warm up nicely and we can get melting before ice forms. That's the perfect kind of snow for me. I don't like ice and now that I am alone, especially, I worry about falling. Its one of the dangers of winter weather and knowing I could be on the ground for days without anybody knowing it is horrifying. Well I don't like to think the worst and I am very careful in icy conditions so I'm not going to let myself go there.

Today I have meetings and errands but tomorrow I will happily sit at home finishing up the sweater I'm making for myself. One of my goals has been to complete that this winter while I can still wear it and I think I'm close enough that tomorrow could see me cross the finish line. Not a bad way to make good use of a snow day.

I'm not looking to this, my first snowstorm on my own. The snow blower sits on the back deck but try as I might I can not budge it, so I won't be using it. Hopefully someone else will come by and do so. Time will tell. But snow comes, like it or not. I'm just happy not to be on ambulance duty for the next few nights!

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