Thursday, February 2, 2017


There was enough snow on Tuesday to cover everything, but as I look out my office window I can see only small remnants of it around the perimeters of everything - the cemetery fence, the driveway, the sidewalks. For the most part its gone completely, but what's left highlights areas of the landscape like shadows.

The sun is not all the way up yet - the trees across the field are totally illuminated, but the expanse of grass is still darker, not quite in the sun. I'm glad to see blue sky along the horizon as they're talking about clouds on the weather report right at this moment. Sun is always nice, even in the dead of winter, which is where we are right now. Since its Groundhog Day the news is full of anticipation over that event to happen shortly, but as we all know it really doesn't mean a thing in the grand scheme of things. Well, an early spring would be nice - I do love spring.

I hope to get back into the studio tonight to work on my art, but that's not confirmed yet. These days the studio is my truly happy place, so its something to look forward to all day. If its doesn't happen at least I enjoyed that! Hopefully it will. I'm ready for some art therapy. Its been a week of ups and downs emotionally and I know its still to be expected, but its disappointing when things have been moving so nicely in the right direction. I'm tired of sadness and ready for the spring in every sense of the word. I still can't quite comprehend what's happened to me in my life, but acceptance has occurred and that's a big step forward. Now to just keep making progress.

Its not quite 7:30 now so the day is just beginning. I'm going to make it a good one. Sometimes determination is all that's really needed!

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