Saturday, February 11, 2017


The snow is melting nicely today and its seems to be paralleling my own emotions at the moment. After a particularly difficult week, an emotional roller coaster and physically not feeling up to par, I'm finally beginning to melt as well, in a totally good way.

Sometimes the ice forms around our hearts and souls just the way it does in the winter season up north. Its easy to let things built up when we should be chipping away at them while they're easy to manage. I knew during the snow I needed to go out every couple hours and work on clearing the deck and walkway or it would be way too heavy to deal with when all was said and done. And its the same in my heart. If things are not dealt with - and many have not been - they can build up to a point where everything stops working properly because of the log jam.

Today I'm finally feeling the jam break and the anger dissipate. Its was building all week, and I finally went in and set off the dynamite needed to get things open and moving well again. There are still remnants hanging on the the sides of the river, holding on for dear life, but I know they'll eventually be pulled into the stream and disappear around the next bend.

Sometimes all it takes is information to get things moving again, and facts are powerful. Sometimes we need to express our anger, our disappointment, our pain -
and then the way becomes clear. But something needs to push that pile of debris until it finally gets beyond the place where its caught up. Sometimes we just need to work harder on that area, just like the clogged pipe in the kitchen sink, and suddenly everything is working again.

Today I feel the emotions letting up and the calm that I fought so hard for returning once again. And I'm very glad.

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