Monday, February 6, 2017


Nothing's quite as good, when you live alone like I do, as overnight company! Especially when it s a grandchild who thinks the world revolves around her and the people she loves. 

Piper is almost seven now and she's been a delight since the day she was born. She has one of those sunny personalities that lights up the room and can turn the saddest day into a joyful one. So she's always fun to have around. And on a Saturday night its especially nice since I'm home alone so much on weekends now. I loved having her come and stay with me.

This morning I took a bagel out of the freezer and thawed it in the microwave and she was thrilled to have that for breakfast. We're both dressed for church and will leave for that shortly. We also have to make an important phone call, to her cousin Silas, to wish him a Happy Birthday. Today he's a year older and a bit bigger and very much more accomplished than he was at his last birthday. He's a talented guy and I'm so excited to see where life takes him.

So today I'm feeling very much like the happy grandmother who has many blessings in the form of very special grandchildren that I love with all my heart and who love me back in equal measure. Life is about love and the people who create it for us. And despite my traumas of the past year, I have plenty of that in my life and I know I am blessed. With Piper, and Silas, and Daisy, Tucker, Micah, Lucy, Elijah, Sandra, Coral, and Theodore in my life I will never be wanting for love. I really can't complain about anything now, can I? 

And now I don't even need a sermon - I have an beautifully illustrated one right here with me at the moment.

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