Thursday, February 9, 2017


Well so far the big storm is a bust, but if the result is what they're predicting its still to come.  So far there is some icy white stuff on the ground and when I want out for the paper it was sleeting sort of - at the moment its not even raining I don't think. But...they say the worst is still to come.

I'm prepared for the snow day. I have my knitting and I have plenty of projects to do. I still have closets to clean, and my home office is a disaster area still awaiting redemption. Unless it starts to snow I'll feel guilty sitting around knitting though. I'll be forced to do something really necessary, like cleaning.

I think in the meantime I'll work on getting some records together for the accountant, and work on the eulogy I'm writing for tomorrow. At least that will make me feel productive.

The snow will be much prettier than this sleet is. But I like the fact that this is holding down the total accumulation. I used to enjoy snow days because it meant an unexpected holiday with my husband at home. Now that I'm alone I don't like the idea of being holed up here quite so much. Its more boring than anything else. One more thing to add to my long list of resentments. I'm not sure I'll even understand the situation I find myself in. Not because bad things don't happen to people, but this was somebody else's choice for me, not mine. Somehow seems very unfair. But then, what in life is fair? Shattered dreams and disappointed souls are just part of the deal I suppose.

Well - let's see where the day takes us. Traffic is light and the world seems slow, and I guess I'll just relax and enjoy.

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