Friday, February 17, 2017


Yesterday was bright and sunny out and there was so much snow melt the day before that large patches of green were visible in the field across the street. My driveway is nearly clear now and that's always a big indicator of the warm weather because its in the shadow of the house next door and always take a long time to thaw. So we are clearly in the warmer days now and this weekend promises to be no different.

I'm not looking forward to the weekend really. Its a long one and I have no plans - none at all - and I fear boredom will set in. I have ways to combat that enemy, but they aren't very exciting and could be dangerous. Shopping, for instance, is always a possibility but money is tight and its not a good idea. Unless I shop for Christmas at all the sales. Then I can justify the expenditures. So that's a possibility.

The temperatures are supposed to be mild so a walk on the beach might be called for. Always more fun with a friend, but most people are busy doing their own thing this weekend. I rather anticipate doing some work around the house - I still haven't completed the closet clean-out and reorganization. Mostly out of laziness but I have been busy and its been shoved to the back burner. Perhaps that should be my main focus. I have lots and lots of empty spaces now so I need to vacuum, dust, and then start deciding how to organize my much smaller wardrobe. It could easily take me the entire day on Saturday but what a sense of accomplishment I would have by the end of it! I think that's my goal. I could use the sense of organization and place in my life right now. It would be a good antidote for what ails me.

OK - Its settled then. I'm spending Saturday in my room. I'll be cleaning, sorting, folding, and hanging for hours. And then I'll feel really good. And maybe a little lonely. But hey - its a good start for a long weekend! I'll report back later.....maybe even with photos.....

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