Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wet blizzards

Looks as though we're in for a wet weekend. Its already wet and nasty out there, but starting tomorrow we're going to get inches of rain into Tuesday morning. Monday will be a miserable day.

I'm glad it isn't snow. I've never minded s good snowstorm in the past, because I looked at them as found time, when I couldn't leave the house and enjoyed games with my family, or TV binge watching, or popcorn and hot chocolate. But this year is different. This year I'm alone in the house and being stuck here means loneliness and quiet. I spend enough time alone these days and I love the fact that if I get tired of being here I can always jump in my car and visit one of the kids, or go to a movie, or whatever I want. Snow means staying close and that means no fun.

I suppose its just one more thing that's lost its joy for me. There's a long list of those. But I've been trying to look at them as changes, not necessarily losses. My life is different now. Not bad, just different.

But when a blizzard comes I wish I had a friend to
sit it out with...

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