Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The studio

One of the real lifesavers for me this past year has been time spent working as an artist in my friend's studio.

About a year ago I began going to a friend's house to play with glass and learn the art of glass fusing. She's a retired art teacher who's now enjoying her time pursuing her own talents, and she's set up a studio in her basement for fusing glass, with lots of supplies and a kiln and long generous tables to work on. She invited me last year to come join her one evening and I've been going pretty weekly every since, discovering my long lost love of art.

I actually wanted to pursue art as a career when I was in school, but bad advice from a guidance counselor and low self-esteem sent me in another direction, and I've always regretted it. I can see myself as a graphic artist, designing posters and flyers, something I've done for so many groups I belong to over the years. But with no degree it was never a career option, so my artistic side has been relegated to handwork like knitting and sewing and making posters of signs for my own events. Now I've discovered this wonderful art of glass fusing and I'm in my happy place at last.

Recently I joined some local artist groups and hope to begin showing my work soon. It's a dream come true to me. It remains to be seen whether I can ever make money on my art, but it certainly is bring me joy, and that, after all, is what art is truly all about now, isn't it?

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