Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Long days

Yesterday was a long day at home for the most part. Had the weather been nicer I would have been out and busy, but the high wind and heavy rain made me question any thoughts of venturing out and I stayed home for the most part, working on a sweater I'm hoping to finish for myself soon, and watching some TV. I also spent some time on my still unfinished closets, trying to get them ready for once again holding my clothes!

Those are long days though when I don't leave the house. I'm not by nature a solitary person and
I miss having someone here to talk to at those times. I don't mind being alone most of the time, but long days like that bring home to be the loneliness that many folks must feel when they are home bound. I hope I never have to experience that first hand, but my little glimpse of it is enough to make me know I'd rather not be in that position.

So again, lots of time to think when home alone for such an extended period. And think I did about many things.  My life is still a bit unsettled so there's that. Details vex me when I dwell on them. I still have questions about the things that went wrong in my life and what I did to cause them. And although I do trust God to take care of me, I still am anxious over the future. So - there is plenty to keep my mind occupied these days!

Today I'm grateful to be getting out again into the world where there is so much distraction and energy. After way too many hours alone, I need that.

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