Sunday, January 29, 2017


Yesterday dawned sunny and bright out in the world here on the East End and that certainly helped set the tone for me for the weekend. Despite my empty days, having the sun shine makes it all seem better! That and the fact that I had an evening with friends last night, and another on tap for tonight, and Sunday lunch with my extended family here tomorrow makes this particular weekend seem more tolerable for sure. Our friends and family get us through, don't they?

Another great boost to my self-esteem came in an unexpected form on Friday night. As I think I've already talked about in my blogs, I've been working in the artist studio with my friend and mentor, learning to use the medium of glass fusing to create wonderful pieces of art. Its been over a year working with her and, this past seven months especially, its been therapeutic to say the least. Well in January my friend urged me to join some of the artist groups here on the East End, and last night there was a members' exhibition in Riverhead for one of them. I submitted a piece with trepidation, not feeling quite as "legitimate" an artist as those others who were no doubt doing so. Last night was the opening reception for the exhibition and I had a conflict and couldn't attend, but about 6:00 I received a text from my friend who was there with a photo of my piece on the wall and the message "The red dot means sold!".

Seriously? Seriously! I was over the moon to think that someone would consider my work "art" and actually want to buy it. I floated through my evening and still am feeling that sense of wonder at it all. I guess I can actually refer to myself as an artist now that I've sold a piece. Wow. A lift of my spirits, and a new life indeed...

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