Friday, January 20, 2017


I have three grandsons who celebrate birthdays in the next couple weeks. One is today - the youngest at three. One is tomorrow, and the last in about two weeks. Those two are the same age - in 6th grade and beginning to look very much like teenagers. All of them growing way too fast. And each of them as unique and special as possible. Each with attributes that will serve them well and beautiful souls that I pray will one day serve God and man with all their hearts. And be good to all the people in their lives.

Having five grandsons has been fun for me because I finally think I understand boys a little bit better. When I had my own children I had my two girls first, and that seemed pretty easy to me because I knew how girls thought and why they did the things they did. The two boys came last and they were a totally different story.

I still don't really "get" the male species. Probably even less so since the events of this past year unfolded and my marriage - to someone I thought I knew intimately but realize despite 44 years was a stranger to me - fell apart. They certainly do seem to be from a different planet at times and in my own experience with the men in my life, I find them pretty untrustworthy and lacking in integrity. I would like to think that's not true of the entire species, but I have no proof otherwise so for the immediate future at least, I'll go by that as my way of judging them. I need to meet some exceptions to that rule to fully grasp its falsehood. No offense to any of them reading this, just understand I'm only going by my experience. I hope for the world's sake my experience is not the norm. I just don't know!

But these grandsons are very special. Men don't seem to be born with those ugly traits of deceit and narcissism, and I wonder how they come by them. Is it when all that nasty testosterone kicks in? Is it something we mothers do wrong? Or is it a societal thing, unique to this country? I don't know the answer. But I know there is danger ahead for these precious boys that I love so much. Right now they are young, and innocent, and so special to me. And I hope I never have reason to see them in any other light. And I hope that their fathers, who so far show promise as good men of integrity and honor, help them find their way in the world of bad guys. Its my prayer today and always.

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