Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I just came in the house from buying groceries for the week. Family Sunday lunch is here at my house which means I had a lot to buy - I provide the main dish and the others bring the sides. Anyway, the minute I opened my car door at home I was greeted with a very familiar, but surprising sound: geese overhead.

I knew exactly what I'd see when I looked up and I was not mistaken - there they were, two distinctive V formations of them, all flying in the general direction of northwest. Where were they going?

Its late in the season for them to be flying south and I suspect they are here for the winter. Perhaps they are a flock from Northwest Harbor? I have no idea as they were out of sight in no time at all and the sound gradually diminished. But I always take joy in that sound. To me its the sound of nature, or instinct, of survival, of so many things. And I'm not used to hearing it in January.

I love the sounds of nature as long as its in nature and not in my house. I recently had an opossum in my basement, but that's the subject of another blog. This particular sound, geese flying overhead, was welcome and invigorating. I loved it.

It reminded me that life goes on, that nature envelops us, and that its all good here on planet earth, on the East End of beautiful Long Island. And that was a very good reminder indeed.

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