Sunday, January 15, 2017


Last night we had a dusting of snow - enough to cover everything but leave the roads nice and clear. My favorite kind of snow, really!

This morning I left the house for the dump at 7:10 and the world looked pristine. The almost full moon was still visible on the horizon but it was daylight and everything was white. It was really a beautiful way to start the day. I drove down the street marveling at the beauty a simple layer of snow can bring to everything, and took note of the way it changed a dull winter landscape of browns and grays into a brilliant view. Within an hour the sun was bouncing off the surfaces everywhere and it was as pretty as any summer day.

We are still in January so we surely have weeks of winter left, and there will be more snow for sure. This one will disappear in an hour or so as the temperature is already above freezing. But for a lovely hour its been a real treat - easy to maneuver, not slippery, and just as pretty as a picture.

Happy Sunday!

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