Thursday, January 19, 2017


The days are getting visibly longer now and its welcome by me. Not so much for the late afternoon as for the mornings. Because leaving the house at 6am to walk is much more fun in the light than it is in the dark, not to mention getting out of bed.

Yes, I find the exercise part of my life to be much easier in the summer than the winter just because of the way I naturally wake to the daylight. I don't like hearing an alarm clock and it seems as though, even when I've had plenty of sleep, its much more tempting to pull the covers up and stay in bed when its pitch black out there. Somehow the light of morning makes me want to get up and go.

We're a long way from that at this point, but by the time we get back from our morning walk the daylight is definitely beginning to creep up the horizon and when I looked at the clock at 4:45 last night and realized it was still not completely dark out there, I knew we were making progress.

Yes, I'm not a "summer" person in terms of temperature and humidity - I much prefer taking my walks in the winter actually as far as that goes. But I do love being out there watching the early light in the sky, waking up the world around me as I walk down the street. I'm looking forward to that again...

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