Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cleaning out

I've been busy this weekend cleaning out my bedroom closets. After a very significant weight loss I'm finally tossing three sizes of clothing that I've held on to just on the chance I might need them again. I'm determined this time not to gain the weight again because I feel so much better, and being alone makes the maintenance easier. I eat when I want, what I want, and can easily watch everything that goes into my mouth without distraction. And the memory of all those clothes, not to mention my aching knees, will hopefully provide the needed impetus to stay on track. So...out with the old and in with the new.

I'm distributing all this old clothing to various charities-the bins at the dump for the lowest end (old tee shirts and such), Maureen's Haven for warm sweaters and sturdy sport items. And Dressed for Success for my work and formal wear. I would love to see the nice things used by someone who can benefit from them. So, there's been lots of sorting and packing going on, with bags of clothing everywhere. And I'm not done yet. After about 5 hours in, I'm guessing I have another 5 hours of work left in the closets.

Once the room is cleared and closets reorganized (and mostly empty) I'll be finding ways to organize some of the other things in the house, making use of the new space upstairs for storage. Perhaps some of the Christmas stuff in the attic can come down to my bedroom for easier access next year.

Once the room is cleaned out and I'm able to save some money, I'm looking forward to new carpeting and a new bed - smaller than the king that's in there - making my room more spacious and creating a nicer sitting area. Things are pretty tight up there right now.

New years are good for new attitudes and new styles...not to mention new lives.

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