Thursday, January 12, 2017


Being at my daughter's house is such a nice reminder of the times I lived in a house full of kids.

I loved having four children once the baby/toddler years were over. Oh, I love babies and toddlers too, but taking care of them full time over the period of fifteen years is exhausting. (I sometimes wonder if my husband stopped loving me then, when I was so tired every night I could barely stay awake at 7pm and rarely wore anything other than jeans and sweats.) Toddlers are the funniest and most fun of any age, but they do take a toll on us as parents.

I liked the busy years, when the kids were involved in sports, theater, music, and youth group at church. There always seemed to be someone coming or going at the door and we had to squeeze dinners in during very small windows when everyone was home. But those were wonderful years. And being in a home with that craziness is fun for me again. It reminds me of those good years and makes me for those kids I loved watching grow into amazing adults. I loved being around them then and I miss seeing them every day. So this visit has been a real tonic for me.

I remember saying goodbye to them in the morning, having the day to myself, and then running them all over the place in the afternoon and evening. And while I'm here I take every opportunity to do that with the grandkids as well. Because I always found those car trips to be when the best conversations occurred.

And they still do.

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