Sunday, January 1, 2017


I've never been one to wish time away - its far too precious for that. And never is the preciousness of time more apparent than when you get to be my age. And yet, I must admit to being happy to see a new year appear today. I welcome 2017 as a new page in my life. A new chance at doing things better. A new opportunity to do something good with my life.

The year 2016 will go down in my memory as the darkest time I've lived through. Had I known how much pain could be endured because of a personal relationship I will admit to having doubts as to whether or not I would ever have entered into one. But who could know? The Bible tells us that love endures all things. But surely even the best of mankind could not want to repeat the kind of pain that rips the heart out and leaves one gasping for breath. I certainly couldn't.

Fortunately for me I have more than one person in my life who brings me joy and its that fact that has kept me sane throughout this, my worst year. And, as so many people told me it would throughout these past months, it has gotten better. I suppose the human heart can only take so much pain and therefore the mind does its work to help us move on from heartbreak and trauma. And... I know that this new year, this 2017, will be one of discovery and contentment for me. Discovery as I uncover the authentic life I was supposed to be living, and contentment as I continue to learn who I am and what the future hold for me now. Suddenly I'm looking forward to what I hope will be many more years, rather than longing for the end to come quickly. And my faith informs me that God is in control. And those things all add up to a rosy future.

Bring it on!

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