Monday, December 5, 2016


Many people dread Mondays and I understand that because it is the beginning of the work week. But I have to say that even when I worked a Monday-Friday job I always looked forward to Mondays. For me they represent new beginnings - a chance to start over again. And I love that.

I don't generally turn my calendar page until Sunday or Monday every week. And that's when I evaluate my week ahead, looking to see how busy it will be and planning my strategy for getting things done. I try to figure out which days I'll have free time for getting errands done, as well as working out the details in my head for every day's schedule as I'm often going from East Hampton to Southampton, and even to Sag Harbor all in the same day. I don't like to think things through too early because I need to keep my stress levels down to a level I can handle. This is how I manage my health lol!

So - today is the beginning of a new week. Some days are already pretty full but others are waiting for my attention. I think I should be able to finish my cookie baking this week as well as some candy making, so its a promising one for sure. And by this time next week I expect to feel pretty organized and ready for the holiday.

And that is always a really
good feeling.

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