Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sunny Saturday

Well its a beautiful sunny Saturday in December and as beautiful as it looks out there, it's very cold! Winter is surely upon us now.

I was inspired in fact. In my morning travels I wandered down to the Senior Complex in Amagansett where they were holding a craft type Christmas fair. A dear old friend was going to be there selling a book she and her son put together about her life growing up in Montauk back in the 1930s, and I wanted to support her and buy a copy for myself. My shopping is done for gifts but I can always shop for myself!

While I bought the book, ordered a beautiful print from her son of a haulseiner on the beach at sunrise, and then turned to walk out. Not wanting to insult the other people there selling their wares I slowly passed by their tables remarking on their lovely items, and then stopped in my tracks at a table selling knitted and felted things. I happen to adore felted hats. I own two and they are the most comfortable, warm winter hats you can buy. I had to try some on.

I went through the assortment fairly quickly, thinking I wouldn't find anything to fit my unusually large head, but sure enough, there were a few that did. I eliminated the ones that were too similar in color or style to the ones I already own, narrowing the field down to two, and finally chose a beautiful black one with a deep purple brim that will go nicely with many of the scarves that I have. I bought it.

I never expected to spend so much money and wish I had been disciplined enough to resist because I really can't afford such luxuries right now, but I walked out with a new hat for myself, thinking "Merry Christmas to me!"

I don't expect to be getting many gifts this year since my husband was always so generous at Christmas and that won't happen again, so I suppose it made me feel better buying it, knowing I need to take care of myself as well as the people I love. With no one to pull by the arm, drag to the table and say "I'd really love this hat" to anymore, I suppose its OK. But I still feel a little bit like I should have shown more restraint.

Oh well. By next Christmas I should be over that impulse. For this year, I'm just going with it!

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