Thursday, December 22, 2016

Me time

Today I'm doing things for myself. I'm relaxing this morning, maybe going out for a few stocking stuffers, putting gifts under the tree, going out to lunch, and just enjoying "me time". Its the end of an era for me, moving from a long-time relationship that I expected to last forever into a time of taking care of myself and the people I love. And its a good thing.

I have only a few tins of goodies to deliver before the final days wind down and I'll do that today and tomorrow. And Saturday when the family is all together I'll find great joy in my many blessings. It will be easy to forget about the hardships and pain this past year has brought because I'll be spending time with the people who really count, doing the thing I most love. There will be no time for sadness - that much I know.

I'm hoping all the people I love find joy this holiday because its been a hard year on all of them too. But hopefully, when they see me moving on, they'll be able to do the same. That's my prayer for the new year. And for the holidays.

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