Tuesday, December 13, 2016


This morning I got up early to head over to Southampton Hospital for my volunteer time only to be greeted with the news that one of my most feared occurrences might be in play: black ice.

Nothing scares me quite like the potential for black ice. I remember a late afternoon many years ago when we were returning from a family outing about 4:00 in the afternoon. I don't remember where we had been but we were coming from Southampton with all the kids in the car. Suddenly when we came around the corner just past Water Mill the traffic suddenly came to a crawl. We couldn't quite figure it out for a couple minutes, until we saw the first car go careening off to the shoulder. Then it became crystal clear: black ice. The entire roadway, which looked wet, had become suddenly a sheet of ice and traffic moved all the way into Bridgehampton at the rate of about 2 miles ah hour. Even at that speed there were cars off the road, turned around, slipping and sliding in every direction, and I was terrified. It was one of those things that happened so fast it was impossible for road crews to respond quickly enough.

We were lucky enough to get through that incident without a scratch but having the most precious cargo in my car made me terrified of crashing. I hope to never be in that position again, but I think about black ice many times when I head out early in the day before the sun has had a chance to wick off any moisture on the roads.

Winter is surely here now and all that goes along with it. Let's hope we survive it in one piece and remember that April is just around the corner.

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