Thursday, December 1, 2016


Well here it is, already December, and I'm thinking it came pretty quickly this year. As difficult as the past five months have been, they have gone quickly by, as time seems to do more quickly the older I get.

This will be a busy month. I know I have things booked for every single weekend and I plan to keep busy out of defense as much as anything else. If there's an opportunity to do something, I'll be doing it. If there's time to go to a show, or concert, or opening, I'm going. I need and want to be as busy as I possibly can to make the time go as quickly as possible. Its the best thing I can do for myself right now.

I wish so much that my mother was still alive because I would love to be taking her to all the things I'll be doing. I know I was too busy when she needed me the most and now I wish I had some of that time back again. Isn't it odd how the times we have extra hours to spend with someone they aren't there, and the times they're there we have no time? Its one of the ironies of life I suppose. But still, she could still be alive at 91 and I sometimes resent that we had to lose her so early. These would be good times spent together...if only.... We would both be benefiting from it.

But as with so many things, life is not what we would always want it to be. Its a challenge for sure and a puzzle as well. I have so many questions to ask God when and if I ever get the chance.

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