Friday, December 9, 2016

December weekends

I find that the weekends in December are amazingly busy every year.

All I need to do is open the newspaper and there are at least a dozen things that I could do this weekend. When one has an already busy life, which I do, it becomes a challenge to make schedules for every day, and difficult to choose what direction to go. I want to see and do everything, every concert, every movie, every open house at every store - I really love this time of the year for the options offered all the time.

The frustrating thing is trying to decide what to do. Do I want to attend the concert in Sag Harbor, or one in Southampton? Would I rather listen to The Messiah or generic Christmas songs? Do I want to participate or sit back and enjoy the ride? There are way too many choices to make, and I want to do all of them. Every year I wish we could stretch out the holiday just a couple more weeks, which clearly the retailers are trying harder and harder to do, but with Thanksgiving coming first its hard to get into the Christmas spirit any earlier.

Well tomorrow night is a toss up. And while there are at least two events I very much want to attend, I don't drive well at night so driving to either Sag Harbor or Southampton is not a great idea. Being alone means having to make those kind of choices too. But I'm thinking I may just stay at home and do my annual viewing of my own favorite Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life". I'm sure I can find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. And its been such a busy week it might be nice to sit home in my pjs and just have a good cry.

Then again, tears have been way too common this year so maybe I should get in my car and head to Sag Harbor.

Oh, the choices we need to make....

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