Saturday, December 3, 2016

December weather

Generally speaking I love the weather in December. Today is cold but not freezing and so far at least, I've only worn a winter coat twice since the colder weather set in. I like that. My favorite times of the year are the ones where I can throw on a heavy sweater or light jacket with a pair of gloves and head out the door. Heavy winter coats with scarves and hats are a bother and I use them as little as possible, even in the coldest months.

I've gotten pretty good at judging the weather from the temperature I see on the television every day. When I get up for my walk at 5:30 I turn the TV on and see what it shows. As long as its in the 50s I settle on the lightest work-out jacket in my arsenal. When it dips into 40s the lightweight sweatshirt comes out. Once its down to the 30s the heavy weight sweatshirt is pulled from the closet and I add gloves and a headband to cover my ears. Its down to a science now. And with the exception of wind, I know exactly how to bundle up against the cold. Of course the wind adds a whole other dimension and that's another story.

So far no measurable snow has fallen on the East End and I'm happy with that too. I do look forward to the first pretty snowfall, but I don't want to see a lot of the white stuff, especially this year when I'm on my own in terms of shoveling and clearing. This I am not excited about at all.

But today, and November and December so far, have been delightful. I'm hoping to get through the holidays exactly like this.

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