Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

I've been looking forward to Christmas Eve for days now, knowing it meant the fun would begin. The family arrives, the parties will commence, and no one has to think about the real world and all its issues for at least the next few days. With most people having Monday off, it makes for a very nice long holiday weekend.

Today we'll gather at my daughter's house for brunch, which will, no doubt, stretch into the afternoon nicely. We'll go to church tonight at 5, and then perhaps make the drive to Sag Harbor to see some family over there. I have no plans to end my life the way Jacob Marley did, wishing I hadn't wasted time and regretting things undone. I am going to treasure every second of it all.

Tomorrow we'll go to church again and then come here for a long day of celebrating and opening gifts. The kids will make it a special occasion, as they always do.

It will be difficult when the holidays are over because I'll be alone again and those are the times your thoughts can be intrusive. But I'm also determined. Determined to make a new life, to be happy, and to move forward. Life is too short not to enjoy. And so I will

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