Tuesday, November 29, 2016


So here it is nearly 9:00 Tuesday night and I've forgotten to post a blog today. Well I supposed if there's nothing important to say that's OK, but this has been a day of deep thought so I may as well share some of it.

As busy as I am in my life, I still think I need to be busier. I find that idle time is dangerous, especially when facing life-altering decisions and difficult days. I remember my grandfather saying that "idle hands are the devils tools", which I totally didn't understand at the time, but now makes perfect sense to me. I would add to that saying, making it "idle hands and minds" because surely when I have too much time to think its not healthy for me.

What do I do with too much thought? I over-think things. I tend to attribute thoughts and motives to other people that are probably completely false. This I know from past experience. And yet I still do it. I think its called "projecting", or attributing my own thoughts to someone else. I assume if I feel that way, so would everyone else, right? Wrong. I know its not right but I do it anyway. When I have an idle mind.

I also tend to go places in my head that I shouldn't go, whether its questioning some one's motives or wondering about some one's actions. I think in general its just best to keep one's mind as occupied with important things as possible lest, in my case at least, I "major in the minors", as my grandmother used to say.

Come to think of it, my grandparents were pretty smart people. I should have listened more intently and learned my lessons better when I was sitting at their knees...

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